Thinking of buying a netbook

 I was having a conversation with my older sister this afternoon while we are at the beach.  She mentioned that she is having a hard time computing the grades of her students.  And that she needs to have a laptop to make her work easy.  All she needs to do is to encode the points, make a formula and then get the final grade in as easy as 1-2-3.  Many of her co-teachers are having laptop with them to compute grades of their student and they finished their work easy.  The sister is using calculator in computing grades.  It gets her mad because she has to do it more than once in one student because she sometimes misses to hit the right key.

The sister is thinking of buying her own laptop next year.  And I did mention to her that I am planning to buy a netbook too.  I told her that I will give to her my old laptop for her to use if I already bought a netbook.  But my sister did not agree to my suggestion because she thinks buying notebook is not sensible since I already have a laptop.  Plus the memory of netbook is small compared to laptop.  Thinking about what my sister told me, I realized that she is so true.  I am still thinking of buying a netbook one day.

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  1. Mona says:

    Same here thinking of buying netbook parang my pera no, haha .. will update my blogroll. sana matapos ko lahat dami m blogs eh ;)Thanks for adding mine here.