Making a List

Christmas is fast approaching.  I heard almost everyday in the radio and in television about their countdown on how many days left before Christmas.  I am so much excited because for the first time I am going to buy something for myself.  I so wanted to buy things that I have been wanting to have years back.  It is many to mention so I make a list of all the things that I wanted to buy.  It is so difficult because I have plenty of wants to Plus added the things that I will buy for the kids, family and dear friends.

The good thing about Christmas is that even if times are hard, people do buy things for their love ones and food to share on the table with their family.  This is what I like about this season.  The season of loving, giving and sharing. I can smell the spirit of Christmas here in the city.  The malls are started to be crowded because of the different sale.  People do love to shop when the malls are on sale because they get a discount.  I am writing on things on my list and I hope to buy some on a sale day.  It is good to do a list so that we will know what to buy and do the budgeting early.

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