Christmas gifts for the kids

I remember last year when I am buying Christmas gifts for the family, it took me hours to finish shopping because of the many shoppers.  I have experience so crowded malls and department stores before but last year was the worse.  There are many buyers are on a panic mode.  Because people are running out of time, they are on a rush on buying the things they need, and the gifts that they want to give to their love ones.  It was very difficult for me because stocks are not complete.  Every time I like a dress to buy, mostly is broken sizes and it makes me really sad.  I tell myself, if only I shop early where all sizes are available.

I learned my lesson from what I have experienced last year that is why I decided to shop early this year.  And I just did it yesterday.  I started buying Christmas gifts for the family and I just started buying presents for the kids yesterday.  It was really a good decision for me to shop early for the family.  I already shopped for the family and I feel good at it.  There is nothing to worry about now because I only have to worry for the presents that I can give to myself.

One Response to “Christmas gifts for the kids”

  1. Bonnie says:

    I always start my Christmas shopping early. Actually, I shop all year long for gifts. I really love shopping clearance as I can usually find stuff at a great discount. I also keep a gift closet. I moved it to a cedar chest, but I have stuff in there that is appropriate for those last minute gifts and invites. You know the ones where you kid says hey mom so and so invited me to his birthday party for tomorrow.