Baptismal day: should I go or not?

Seven months ago, my close friend gave birth to her first baby.  We were friends for more than a decade and I consider her as my best friend.  When we visited her to the hospital, she mentioned that I will be one of the godparents of her baby.  I am so happy about it and excited.  I am counting the days left till the baptismal of her daughter.  She mentioned it will be at the end of this month.  Last week, she came online and told me about the date of the baptismal of her daughter.  I was expecting that she will tell me about getting me as godmother since she mentioned it the day after she gave birth.  However, she did not mention it again so I supposed I am not one of the godparents.  I respect her decision; maybe there are so many godparents on her list that is why she opted not to include me.  I am sad yes, but not angry.  She did invite me to come on her daughter’s baptismal to be held at the province of her husband.  I decided not to come because it is very far from the city where I live plus my presence is not that Sour grape eh?  Well, this is how I feel about the situation. If I where you, would you still come?

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