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Diagnose with Severe Pneumonia

Yesterday, I was in the middle of setting up my new blog that I bought when my sister screamed saying that our older brother is complaining of pain at his back and cannot breathe.  We thought he was just tired from work, so we let him rest.  I continue what I am doing when my brother comes out from the room and looks so pale.  And asking for help for he cannot breath.  My sister went nervous and do not know what to do.  She is like going here and there.  We decided to rush him to the hospital before worse thing occurs.

The brother was accompanied by my older sister.  At home we were waiting for update from my sister.  I did not go with them because no one will look after the kids.  When we learned about the brother’s condition and he was in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), I went to the hospital with our eldest brother.  After through examination and laboratories, the doctor then knew that the brother has severe pneumonia that brought him to the ICU.   The caused of his illness is because of smoking and drinking liquor.  I felt sad and upset because what happened to my brother is partly his sin.  The father always reminds him to stop smoking and drinking, however, he did not listen.  I hope that he learns from this experience and soon will stop smoking and drinking.  I am still in the hospital blogging to ease the boredom.  This is the interesting things happened in my weekend.  Happy weekend every one. !.