Dinner at exotic restaurant tonight

I was in the middle of my dreamland when the brother woke me up because my phone is ringing.  I did not pay attention but the brother told me to see if it is important because he heard the message alert tone more than once.  It was indeed very important because I got the message from and online friend turns real friend name Gagay.  She was informing me the good news.  We were talking on phone when she told me that it is her birthday today and she is planning to treat “bisdak bloggers” friends for a dinner date.  I did not able to go back to sleep because I am enjoying Facebook.  I sleep very late last night and so sleepy but the good news from Gagay makes me awake till now.  I end up enjoying talking to BB friends that I am going to meet tonight at Gagay’s small birthday party treat.  I am worried and excited.   I am excited because I am going to meet again the BB that I meet online and became my friends and I am worried because I am scared to try exotic foods.  My first time to do it and I hope I like it.  Thanks Gagay for the invites and happy birthday to you.  I wish more blessings to come and wish you good heath always.

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