Pushing me to the limit

After lots of thinking, I have decided to extend my patience to my father.  He has this attitude that will makes me grinned my teeth.  Yes, my father is the kind of person that does not want to move.  He loves to just sit and command anyone in the family to do things for him.  I tried so damn hard to understand him and extend my patience because he is my father and I have to respect him.  As my sister always told me that, he is my father and no matter what he does, I have to respect him because he is my father.  I disagreed to my sister but thinking about it.  He is indeed my father and deserves some respect, but what about me?  I deserve some respect too.

I know my father so well.  I just have to keep quiet and give some more patience.  But as much as I am trying to extend my patience, my father is pushing me to the limit.  Maybe because of his age that is why he is acting differently.  One thing that makes me wonders is that, he is so good when his friends are around.  Think what you wanted to think about my father’s attitude for that is what I am thinking too.  So confusing I must say, I just pray that one day he will decides to work on his own and avoid being too bossy. 

3 Responses to “Pushing me to the limit”

  1. sie says:

    hahaha..my dad is so kind but I remembered my Mom..she is so good in front of her friends but when she is inside the house oh no no..visiting you Genny 😉

  2. Chie says:

    we have to understand our father nalang jud sis..patience,patience then inhale.

  3. adelbert says:

    Its a good thing that you don’t want to punch your father, yes you are right fathers just wanted to sit around and command all their children but we cannot do anything about it, its a good thing you are very patient!

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