Two hours allowance

We learned our lesson when we missed the ship that will bring us to our destination which is in Bohol, Philippines.  We are ten minutes late and did not make it to be on board.  It is not easy because we have to wait for 12 hours for the next ship.  We do not have any choice but to get a refund from out ticket.  It is too bad because they put 20% deduction from the amount of ticket.  The road was renovated that took us seven hours to be at pier instead of six hours.  My father gets angry and wants to go back home, good thing there is another ship to leave in the evening of the same date.

Yesterday was the schedule of our trip going home and we see to it that we won’t be late anymore.  We wake up early, get things done and have two hours allowance to make sure we will come on time.  We learned our lesson from what had happened.  It is good to put allowances every time we travel because we will never know what happens along the way.  The next time we travel, we will always remember to put hours of allowance to make sure not to be late and left behind by ship or plane.

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