Does not want us to contact him

I was enjoying talking to my friends online when I saw that the younger brother is online.  It has been three months since she left the house without any notice.  The family does not have an idea where he lives, where he works and how is he lately.  I message him right away and asked his whereabouts.  We have been contacting him but seems like he ha a new mobile number because cannot contact him.  We also tried to send him message but we got no response from him.  I grab the opportunity to ask anything from him since the day he left the house.  Even though he longer stays with us, I still told him about the problems that the family is facing the past days.  I do not know if he still cares, but to me I think he has to know for him to realize that we are his family no matter what.  To my dismay, the younger brother told me that he changed his number to get rid of our calls and messages.  I am sad because that easy he can forget us and live as if the family he has does not exist.  I do not know what happened to my brother but seems like he is not the same person that we raised.  The values that we teach him are vanishing.

Our conversation lasted for 30 minutes only because he logged out.  I am so sad thinking that the brother chooses his girlfriend over us.  We are not against it, just that we want him to have a career first before entering into married life.  But we cannot hold him not to because he human.  The only wrong is that, he does not want to communicate with us anymore.  His choice of changing his mobile number to get rid of our messages and calls is an indication that he wants to forget it.  The family is accepted his decision and wishes him well still.  I do pray that one day he will realize that we are his family through thick and thin.

One Response to “Does not want us to contact him”

  1. Pinx says:

    awsss…this is sad gen. i hope one of these days, he will realize it.