The papers has no seal

Months ago my sister assumed a house near our house.  She immediately grabs the opportunity when she saw it is for assume for us to be neighbors.  Since the house is not yet paid, the full payment of the house will be shouldered by my sister.  The sister thinks that it is better than paying monthly rent of the house.  Instead she will be saving some money monthly to come up with the exact amount as full payment of the house at the home mortgage.

A week ago, the sister received a letter from the home mortgage regarding the payment of the house.  They are giving Christmas offering to owners who have not paid yet the house.  It is a good offer that is why the sister went to the office to ask for some information about the requirements needed as an assumer.  She brought with her the papers that the owner gave her as proof that she assumed the house and the proof of payment.  When she showed the papers, the in-charge told her that the papers have no seal.  The sister is so sad because the owner of the house is no longer lives in the city.  She keeps on contacting the owner but no response yet.  I hope that the owner will contact soon to correct the papers so that the sister can start setting her house to pay it in full.

One Response to “The papers has no seal”

  1. Elvirah says:

    Thats really sad to know that the papers didn’t carry the seal required. And i hope and wish your sister gets in contact with the owner and get the payment done in full as well. I wish her Good luck.