Taking Vitamin C for myself

The weather condition is not good here in the city.  It is a bit cold for it always rains.  Because of the bad weather, I have now cough and flu. Smiley  The things that I do not want to have because I babysit my two nephews.  I am afraid they will be infected by this air virus that I have.  It makes me a bit sad because I know that when kids are infected they will be uncomfortable and always crying for they do not understand the feeling.  I have been in that situation where kids have cough and flu.  It is very tiring because of the sleepless night taking care of the not feeling well kids.

The cough and flu that I have right now has just started I am taking Vitamin C to prevent it from getting worse.  I have to take two tablets a day for faster recovery.   Though I am not sure if I am doing it right however, it is per advice by my sister.  My sister is used to do the same so I am following what she did.  I am also drinking lots of water for water therapy.   I hope that cough and flu will gone soon before the kids will be infected.  I am still sneezing right now but I am feeling better now.  I hope that cough and flu will be gone soon because being sick makes me so weak and I do not like it. Smiley

One Response to “Taking Vitamin C for myself”

  1. Mona says:

    For me you’re different the right things vit C and water therapy .. Get well soon =)