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Surprise present for my brother this Christmas

One way of showing my love to the family is to give them presents during Christmas.  I give presents to them once a year so I see to it that I give them the nicest gifts.  The gifts that they would surely love and appreciate.  I started buying gifts for the family early because I do not like to be in a crowded malls and department store.  Buying early is what I used to do to make sure there are plenty of stocks that are available.  I have experienced that I was not able to buy what I want because the size that I want is no longer available.

On my list, there is only one left unchecked is the name of my older brother.  I have not decided yet on what would be the present that I would buy for him.  I am thinking of buying something different for him this year.  I want to surprise him, so I decided to buy him thing that he likes.  And since he smokes, buying Padron cigars this Christmas.  Thinking about it makes me smile because I am pretty sure my gift would make him smile.  I know I always told him to stop smoking however, he never listens and it is his decisions.  He has been tasted different cigars before and the one that I am going to buy is new to him.  And the fact that this is new to him, it would definitely complete his day or should I say his Christmas day.