To help others is the one wonderful thing to do.  To at least give those unfortunate ones things like foods, clothes and cash.  It is like sharing to others the blessings we have received.  I do love to help others and been doing it with my sister and I.  We used to give our old clothes to unfortunate ones especially during Christmas.  To give smiles to others after giving is like floating in the air and it warms our hearts.  Though at times I was not able to give and it is because I have reasons.  Helping is a good deed however, there are circumstances that we feel sorry for we cannot perform it.

 A few days ago, a friend of mine approach me to do something for she wanted to help.  Her intention is good and I so happy of her wanting to help others.  Apparently, I cannot grant her favor for some reasons.  I told her, instead of me why not her to the favor.  My answer upsets her and I am so sad about it.  Feels like she doesn’t understand me.  I understand her reasons and her side and I hope she understands my side as well.  Now, I feel that she doesn’t want to talk to me and I respect her decision.

Friend, it’s not that I don’t wanna help because you know very well that I wanted to help others.  But at least listen to my side and understand me.  If you really want to pursue it, you do the favor you asked from me and you have my support 100%.  Good luck!

One Response to “It’s not that I don’t wanna help”

  1. sie says:

    well Genny that’s where you will test how true your friend friendship it will always includes respect..if it was your decision not to then it should be ok for her..I am pretty sure you have a good heart also and your right if she has good intentions of helping others then why not her doing it..passing by 😉