Being bullied at school

While having dinner, the niece shared to the family that she was bullied by her classmate.  I am mad because I do not like my nieces to be bullied.  I have always told them to be good to others and respect others the way they want to be respected.  It is so frustrating to know that there are kids who loves to bully others.  I did not show to my niece that I am mad instead I told her to tell her classmate that I do not like what he is doing. Smiley   I know the feeling of being bullied because I was one of the favorite to bully by my classmate before.  Even though I am quiet, they still bullying me.  It did affect my self-confidence.  That is why I do not want my nieces to experience what I have experienced.

I hope that the niece will tell her classmate about what I told her so that he will stop bullying her.  I do not know why some kids do loves to bully other kids.  I hope that the parents of these kids will supervise their kids, guide them and teach them to respect others.  I think the parents should give more time to their children as the home is the first education of the young ones.  What they have become is through the guidance and teachings of their parents. Smiley

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