The best product for eyelashes problem

Once I was a beauty consultant of a company that sells cosmetics and other beauty products.  I did not know how to apply make up until I became their beauty consultant.  It was one wonderful experienced because I get to learn ways on how to apply make-up, knows how to take care of my skin and knows how to choose the right color for my skin.  One of the rules in the cosmetics company I worked with is that to wear what I sell.  That is why series of tutorials and seminars are being given to newbie like me.  Applying make-ups was fun except for one thing, I do not have perfect eyelashes.  I find it hard to wear cosmetics for eyelashes because it is difficult to see if I wear it or not because of my very short eyelashes.  I have to wear extension or do something to make it visible which is very hard for me.  But good thing I am able to manage it well.

I stopped dealing cosmetics for some reason.  I missed doing it a lot because I gain my self-confidence when I was there.  Because of that experienced, I know how to apply make-up on my own and still doing it until now.  However, I still have problems with my short eyelashes.  I am looking for the best eyelash growth product to use to have a permanent eyelashes.  It would best to use this product rather than buying false eyelashes that is a bit expensive and wearing false one that is messy.  I want a luxurious permanent eyelashes that would make me feel more beautiful.

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