The swelling toe

Two days ago, the chair fell on my foot while cleaning the house.  The nephew is playing with the chair and accidentally fell on foot and hit my toe badly.  The nail on my toe turns black right away and it is so painful.  I did not take pain reliever because I thought it is fine.  Though I cannot walk straight, still I went to supermarket with my sister to buy things we need for Christmas day.  However the pain I felt did not stop so I bought pain reliever medicine.  I am glad after I took the medicine the pain is not that painful anymore.   Smiley

The following day, after I woke up the pain is still there and it is swelling.  The pain is double so to speak.  I can’t barely walk because it is painful when I walk.  I continue taking the medicine hoping that the pain will fades.  The sister saw the way I walk and suggested to go to the doctor and ask for possible remedy.  The neighbor said that the nail should be removed so that the pain will be lessened.  It scared me to death because I hate needles and I do not like hospitals.   I am taking medicine up to now and I pray that the pain will be gone soon.  I am thinking the worse right now, and I do not want to be like this Smiley.  My toe is swelling and I cannot walk straight made me thinks the worse.  Funny  but it is true.  I hope that the swelling will gone so that I can go to the doctor if the pain is still there.

2 Responses to “The swelling toe”

  1. Mona says:

    Naku i’m not feeling well naman since dec 24 pa kaya hindi masyado happy ang christmas now i’m taking 1 week medicines. Anyway, pagaling tayo girl para naman happy new year natin.

  2. Elvirah says:

    It must be really sore and painful. I think you must try some home remedies to see if anything works.