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Safety comes first

The brother is checking all the wiring in the house to make sure it is still safe.  As he is the technician, father always asked him to do that.  There are lots of short-circuit incidents that caused fires and the father does not want that to happen so checking of wires must be done from time to time.  Just recently, the brother is checking the wires and he sees that some wires has badly bitten by rats.   Because it is badly bitten, we need to buy new cable wires soon for our safety.  Safety comes first that is why the father is buying cable cover for the cable wires.  Good thing is that cable cover has different colors to choose from that would match the paint we have in our ceiling and wall.

I cannot do it

Last January 24, 2012 was my birthday.  Smiley   I intended to spend it with the family.  I am so happy that my brother arrives to be on my birthday.   I have plans to order sumptuous foods to share on m birthday.  It was my surprise dinner for them.  But when the friend of my brother arrived and invited them to be at their house because it is his father’s birthday, I feel sad because the brothers accepted the invitation.  Smiley   When the brothers left to attend the birthday celebration at their friend’s house I am so angry because they opted to celebrate with them than to me.  Then, I decided not to talk to them for a week.

When they arrived around 11 O’clock in the evening, I did not respond to all their questions.  I am so mad about what they did.  Even though it is so hard not to talk to them, I have to do it to make them feel I am hurt because they neglected me on my birthday.  Yesterday was a success because I did not talk any of them.  Even if they asked me I just reply them with a sigh.  It is not easy I can tell because we are close.  I thought I can do it for five days but I am failed today.  I cannot just ignore them because they are trying to talk to me and make friends with me again.  I wish I can do it for five days but I cannot.  What I did is talk to them and let them know what I feel.  The pain I have in my heart vanished after talking to my brothers.  I hope that they will not do it again to any of the family member.


Dreaming to buy a guitar

Back then the father always plays guitar at night.  It is the father’s way of relaxation after the busy day at work.  Playing his favorite songs makes the father relax.  To us it is a wonderful sound to listen before going to sleep.  It is like the father is serenading us before going to sleep.  Hearing it every night makes the brother loves to play guitar as well.  And he is eager to learn how to play it.  The brother started to practice guitar when he was in high school.  Since the guitar of the father is not working anymore, he usually borrows guitar from a friend to practice how to play it.

After high school, the brother already knows how to play guitar.  Playing guitar becomes his first love and continue playing until today using the guitar of a friend.  At night he plays guitar outside the house.  It is like bringing the days were my father used to play guitar outside the house.  Owning a guitar is one of his dreams to have and he is saving to buy a guitar one day.  While saving money, the brother is looking for a nice guitar to buy.  There are various of guitars to choose from but after seeing the fender guitar, brother makes a decision to buy this kind of guitar soon.  Good decision because the guitar really looks nice.  Soon, I will be seeing brother playing his own guitar.


Away from the city

I always told my sister that I want to go out and have some time to relax.  I want to spend even just a  day of relaxing away from the city.  Last night, the sister told me that their school principal will celebrates her birthday at the beach and they were going.  The sister thought that this is the perfect time for me to unwind and relax.  Since she will bring her son and her husband has work, she invited me to come.   I am so happy because I so want it to go to the beach and unwind.  Even if I have to look after her son at the beach, I said yes right away.  Plus the resort they will be going is a nice resort that everyone would love to go.

As of the moment, I am packing what I will bring tomorrow.  We will be going at exactly 7:30 in the morning and I have to prepare things.  A day of unwinding away from the city is awesome and I am so excited.  I am worried because no one will look after the brother’s kids.  Luckily, the younger brother arrived. He will stay for three days in the house.  My worries are gone because there is someone who look after the kids.  Beach her I come.