Starting his own business

Since the youngest brother is home for celebrate New Year with the family, I took the advantage to talk to him and to know his whereabouts.  It has been months the last time he left the house to be with his girlfriend.  We are not able to talk and ask him because his mobile number is cannot be contacted.  We went to the company where he works as graphic artist but unfortunately he is no longer working there.   Smiley  We are glad to see him home on the very special occasion because even if we are angry of what he did, we missed him so much.  The youngest siblings in the family that the mother loves so much.  When the mother passed away, we promised to take good care of him and watch him growing.

My brother and I are so close that is why it is easy for him to be open to me.  I am glad that he  answered my question fair enough.  He told me that he leaves his former job to pursue his dreams to put up a small business.  He still works as graphic artist, and owning his small business   Smiley  with the support of his girlfriend.  I am so happy for him because he is slowly making his move to become a successful one.  But there is one thing that bothers me, it is his girlfriend that does not allow him to go home once in a while.  We are trying to understand him even if it is very difficult.  After the New Year, he goes home to where he leaves and still we do not know where it is because he does not want us to know.  It is very sad, but still we are extending the patience to him and praying that whatever he does and wherever he is, God will always watch and guide him.   Smiley

2 Responses to “Starting his own business”

  1. Mona says:

    Napaka mysterious ni brother pero mabuti naman complete kayo last new year.

  2. Elvirah says:

    I understand how it feels when a younger brother who was so pampered and loved by your family is now trying to get away from you all because of his girl friend. But i am sure one day he’d definitely realises your love and your family’s patience for him and would come back to you. He’s probably just like a prodigles son in the Bible now, lost, but he will be back for sure:)