Replacement to the broken casters

My computer table has no permanent address.  I keep on moving it from one to another.  My father gets angry sometimes because I keep on transferring the location of my computer.  What can I do?  I get bored sometimes and wanted to transfer the location of my computer.  I have put the computer in different corners of the house.  Because of moving from one place to another, the casters of my computer table is broken.  I cannot move the computer now because of what happened to the casters.  I have to put small square size wood as temporary replacement of the broken casters.

Soon I will buy new casters to replace the broken one.  This is a lesson learned for me because I do not take  the monitor and the CPU when pushing the computer table.  Because it is so heavy, the casters collapse.  The next time I will move the computer, I will make sure to take all of the computer table so it is light when I push the computer table.  I also noticed that the caster of my computer table is not in good quality, that is why it breaks easily.  I will buy a new one but see to it that it is of good quality.  To make sure it will last longer.

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