Taking a bath on his own

It was like yesterday when I bring the nephew to the bathroom to take a bath.   After several times of taking a bath with his sisters, the nephew does not want me to take him a bath.  He likes to bathe on his own.   He will cry aloud every time I accompany him inside the bathroom.  For the third time, I was watching him while taking a bath.  Smiley I was surprised to see him doing the sign of the cross and say a little prayer before pouring water over him.  I am touched because he done it every time he take a bath.  I used to teach him what to do first before taking a bath and I am glad that he remembers it.  I can tell that the nephew is indeed a smart one.

I am teaching him on how to take a bath correctly and at the same time supervising him to make sure he done it well.  And also to make sure that he is not pouring water into his ears.  Good thing is that the nephew follows my instructions though sometimes he is stubborn I understand him as he is still a kid.  Makes me sad because this only means one thing, I am getting old.  Smiley  Oh well, we all go there so I am happy to spend years of teaching them the way my late mother used to teach me.


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