In this modern world where people are a bit dependent to the technology, many are buying different gadgets.  In a way it makes our day-to-day living a bit easy.  Whether we like it or not, technology indeed reigns today.    I am so happy when I got my new laptop to do my blogging things easy and fast. For the past two years I have bought two gadgets for me and I am happy about it.  One of these is my laptop   .  My laptop that I got from working hard online.

This year I am thinking of buying another gadgets for me but have not decided it yet if which is best to have.  I am having some difficult time choosing between iPad and kobo ereader.  Both have nice features and an awesome gadgets to have.  Well, I want both but I cannot have the two in just one year.  I am taking my time to have them both as my gadget collection.  I have not decided it yet of which one comes first.  I will just see which one fits to my budget this year.  I know having more that one gadgets in not good, but having it as a gift from working hard is a good reward for myself.  Don’t you think so!?

2 Responses to “Thinking of buying a new gadget for me”

  1. lanie says:

    A gadget is a small technological object such as a device or an appliance, this is very in demand for now. Ipad is a very nice gadgets device…
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  2. Elvirah says:

    Gadgets are fun and thats nice you have got a laptop. Laptop indeed makes things easy for you in our day to day life. And ofcourse rewarding onself for the hard work with the hard earned money is definitely necessary to boost up your spirits more.