Excited for her first communion

Every Sunday, the family will attend mass at the church.  I always bring the kids with me because I want them to practice going to church every Sunday.  One part of the ceremony is the eating of the host.  It is a blessed one that we will eat as a symbol of accepting the Lord.  It is the important part of the Eucharistic celebration.  The niece always go with me when the taking of the consecrated host.  And every time I accept the consecrated host, the niece always asked me to give her a bite.  In the Catholic beliefs it is a ‘no’ to give a kid a consecrated host until she/he is already done the first communion.  The sister explain to her the reason and we are glad she understand.

The niece is very much excited to take her first communion because she will going to have it this week.  She asked me everyday what she will do when the event happens.   They were told to wear white dress.  I am thinking of buying her a white dress but I am not sure with my budget.  I have my priority this month and I hope to know the amount early so that I can buy the niece a white dress if there is money left after paying my monthly bills.  The niece is very much excited and always asked her mother is she has white dress already.  I wanted to tell my plans however I cannot do it because I have some concerns too.  Whatever happens, I will find  way to get the niece a white dress this Friday.


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