Fan to put in our terrace

The house has undergone a small renovation because the father wants to put a little terrace so that we can stay there to relax especially in the afternoon where kids are wakes up from afternoon nap.  It is a nice place especially when the weather is a bit hot.  And a good place to stay during our snack time.  We have seen in the terrace of my aunt and I am a bit envy because it is really a good place to stay for relaxation.  Plus they put a ceiling fan attached to the ceiling for us to not feel the hot weather.  The ambiance is so nice I must say and would love to have the same terrace in the house.  This is the reason why we wanted to have terrace.

The terrace is almost done and we are very much excited.  The father is looking for a good quality of outdoor deck fans to put in the terrace to give us a comfortable ambiance.  And also, a ceiling fan that fits to our terrace.  A simple but would make the terrace very classy.  In few days, I will be doing my online stuffs in our little and simple terrace.

One Response to “Fan to put in our terrace”

  1. Mona says:

    go go go hehe