Safety comes first

The brother is checking all the wiring in the house to make sure it is still safe.  As he is the technician, father always asked him to do that.  There are lots of short-circuit incidents that caused fires and the father does not want that to happen so checking of wires must be done from time to time.  Just recently, the brother is checking the wires and he sees that some wires has badly bitten by rats.   Because it is badly bitten, we need to buy new cable wires soon for our safety.  Safety comes first that is why the father is buying cable cover for the cable wires.  Good thing is that cable cover has different colors to choose from that would match the paint we have in our ceiling and wall.

One Response to “Safety comes first”

  1. Mona says:

    I have cable cover here wrong choice lng ng color kaya inalis k muna parang snake eh hehe.