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Attacked by the lazy syndrome

It is Sunday and I am suppose to wake up early to attend the mass in the morning.  But was not able to because I woke up very late.  I was carried away being in my dreamland because I did not hear the alarm clock.  Only to fid out, I did not set the alarm clock.  It was off when I check it. arghs!  SmileyI guess I am just being lazy today and it is not good.  The past week was very tiring for me and I need some time to relax and sleep without interruption.  It is on Sunday when I have the time to relax because the kids parents are around.

I usually started my day on Sunday by attending the mass.  But unfortunately I am attacked by the lazy syndrome.  I just felt I do not like to get up even the kids are waking me up.  I need more sleep because I sleep very late the other night.  This is the reason why I feel so lazy today.  I felt guilty because I did not time to attend the mass t o think masses will only take for an hour only.  Well, I still have time for afternoon mass.  And I hope this syndrome will go away for me to go to church and listen to the word of God.  Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


The Kids I Babysit


These four kids are the kids of my siblings.  The three of them are my brother’s kids and the little one is my sister’s.  These kids made my day messy, noisy and busy.  I’ve been doing this to my brother for years already.  And even if I feel like they are depriving me from my freedom, still I am doing it because I love the kids.  I am single but does not act like one because everywhere I go, I have to bring  kid/s with me.  It has been part of my single life I must say.  Doing this, done that and I am used to it.  I just enjoying the time with them screaming and yelling.

Above is the photo I took when we went to the mall to unwind.  I am with my sister of course.  I cannot take this four kids at once.  While waiting for the sister to be back, I asked them to sit down on the couch so that I can take a photo of them.  Good thing they are cooperating and behaving well.  It is my promise to them to bring them to the mall and treat them.  As usual, let them play at the wonderland and treat them a heavy snack after.  I spend much on that day but no regrets because we went home with a big smile on our faces especially the kids.   Thanks to blogging because it lets me do things like this one.  It is indeed a blessing to be a blogger.

Tested my power to advise

I used to give advises to my friends ever since when I was still in high school.  I am not sure if I am good at it, but knowing that they come to seek advises from me is my pleasure.  Makes me think I am a pro.  I am not being boastful, but I can tell that I have wide imagination when it comes to outlook in life.  I guess I got those ideas from my mother.  Who always tell us the good and bad things in life.  Her being sick and passed away early made me who I am now and molded my brain into a more mature individual.

Reading, observing and the gathering the information from someone seeking my advise widen my understanding about life’s journey, destinations, success, endeavors, trials and difficulties.  Those are the aspects that I used to get a better words to say to someone who needs it.  I admit I do not have much experienced at all, but most problems I received and heard is about love life and about broken family.  And the recent I have received is about family issues.  It is very difficult I must say for I do not have much inputs about this issues but still I am doing my hardest to give good advises.  I was being tested by this matter and gives me a headache because it is very difficult to make any decisions especially if the main concern is the kid/s.

I felt honored and flattered being asked by someone and I wish I give her the good points that she can used in decision-making.  Good luck to you friend and I pray that God will light your mind when the time comes for you to decide.  God bless you always!


Plaque to put on our door

In the village where we live in, I can see different plaques on my neighbor’s door.  There are simple, artistic and classic styles.  On the plaques, I can read the family name and their house numbers.   It is a good idea to put one in our door so that the house can be easily found especially if we have occasion in the house.  The visitors can easily find the house especially if it their first time and not familiar with the place.  It happens many times to my friends.  They find it hard to find the house because the village is a bit big and there are lots of the same style houses.  Because of that incidents, I just thought of putting ceramic address plaque on our door.  In that way, unexpected visitors like our relatives can easily find the house because they can read our family name and house address written on the plaque.