Back to no rice diet

Losing weight is what I am aiming this year.  Actually, I aimed this every year but did not able to sustain it.   Guess I am too lazy to do exercises, eat less and avoid fatty foods.  What can I do?  I just can’t resist those sumptuous foods on the table.  I am always a failure when it comes to diet.  It is frustrating but there is no one to blame but me.  I find it hard to discipline myself not to eat fatty and lots of carbohydrates foods.  I think I just love to eat specially when I am sad.  My love for cooking dishes is another reason why I find it had to lose weight.

Two years ago I tried the no rice diet.  I just eat viands, oatmeal and drink a lot of water.  I guess I am just motivated to do it because of the sister’s upcoming wedding.  The wedding of my sister is my inspiration to lose weight.  It was a success and I am so happy seeing myself in the mirror.  However, I was not able to maintain it because I am back to eat rice two months after the sister’s wedding.  I was not aware that I was not able to control myself from eating a lot.  It was like a dream to me and just wake up one day that I am gaining more weight.  It is so frustrating because my effort to lose weight is wasted.

This year, I am determined to lose weight again.  I am back to no rice diet for the second time around.  I hope that I can sustain this and will do it as part of my daily routine.  I will do my hardest to maintain the no rice diet to get the weight I wanted and then eat moderately after.  And also, drink lots of water.


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