Archives for the day Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The Father and Daughter


The photo above is my brother and his daughter seriously fishing at the beach.  The brother brought with him his fishing paraphernalia to go fishing while we are at the beach.  Ever since he was younger, she loves to go to the beach to go fishing but stops when we moved to the city.  Though there are beaches in the city, but it is a bit far from where we lives.  For a while the brother didn’t go fishing but his passion’s for fishing did not stop for he keeps his fishing paraphernalia.  He is still hoping to go fishing one day.  That day comes when we went to the beach to celebrates their wedding anniversary.

We stayed at the beach for two days.  Sunday morning when I woke up, I saw brother and his daughter doing fishing.  He is teaching his daughter the right way to fish.  It is so cute to see that is why I took a photo of them while the niece is holding the rod.  A great bonding between father and daughter.  The brother caught four fishes that morning.  The fishes that he caught was our breakfast that morning.  Indeed fresh fish is delicious compared to frozen one.  The family had a yummy breakfast that morning.  Thanks to my brother.