Tested my power to advise

I used to give advises to my friends ever since when I was still in high school.  I am not sure if I am good at it, but knowing that they come to seek advises from me is my pleasure.  Makes me think I am a pro.  I am not being boastful, but I can tell that I have wide imagination when it comes to outlook in life.  I guess I got those ideas from my mother.  Who always tell us the good and bad things in life.  Her being sick and passed away early made me who I am now and molded my brain into a more mature individual.

Reading, observing and the gathering the information from someone seeking my advise widen my understanding about life’s journey, destinations, success, endeavors, trials and difficulties.  Those are the aspects that I used to get a better words to say to someone who needs it.  I admit I do not have much experienced at all, but most problems I received and heard is about love life and about broken family.  And the recent I have received is about family issues.  It is very difficult I must say for I do not have much inputs about this issues but still I am doing my hardest to give good advises.  I was being tested by this matter and gives me a headache because it is very difficult to make any decisions especially if the main concern is the kid/s.

I felt honored and flattered being asked by someone and I wish I give her the good points that she can used in decision-making.  Good luck to you friend and I pray that God will light your mind when the time comes for you to decide.  God bless you always!


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