The Kids I Babysit


These four kids are the kids of my siblings.  The three of them are my brother’s kids and the little one is my sister’s.  These kids made my day messy, noisy and busy.  I’ve been doing this to my brother for years already.  And even if I feel like they are depriving me from my freedom, still I am doing it because I love the kids.  I am single but does not act like one because everywhere I go, I have to bring  kid/s with me.  It has been part of my single life I must say.  Doing this, done that and I am used to it.  I just enjoying the time with them screaming and yelling.

Above is the photo I took when we went to the mall to unwind.  I am with my sister of course.  I cannot take this four kids at once.  While waiting for the sister to be back, I asked them to sit down on the couch so that I can take a photo of them.  Good thing they are cooperating and behaving well.  It is my promise to them to bring them to the mall and treat them.  As usual, let them play at the wonderland and treat them a heavy snack after.  I spend much on that day but no regrets because we went home with a big smile on our faces especially the kids.   Thanks to blogging because it lets me do things like this one.  It is indeed a blessing to be a blogger.

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  1. nanaghan na jud sila gurl wahhh