Attacked by the lazy syndrome

It is Sunday and I am suppose to wake up early to attend the mass in the morning.  But was not able to because I woke up very late.  I was carried away being in my dreamland because I did not hear the alarm clock.  Only to fid out, I did not set the alarm clock.  It was off when I check it. arghs!  SmileyI guess I am just being lazy today and it is not good.  The past week was very tiring for me and I need some time to relax and sleep without interruption.  It is on Sunday when I have the time to relax because the kids parents are around.

I usually started my day on Sunday by attending the mass.  But unfortunately I am attacked by the lazy syndrome.  I just felt I do not like to get up even the kids are waking me up.  I need more sleep because I sleep very late the other night.  This is the reason why I feel so lazy today.  I felt guilty because I did not time to attend the mass t o think masses will only take for an hour only.  Well, I still have time for afternoon mass.  And I hope this syndrome will go away for me to go to church and listen to the word of God.  Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


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