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Blankets for little ones

Nothing beats the happiness and excite of the newlywed couple after hearing the good news about the precious gift of life.  Knowing that the baby is on the way, newly parents would love to buy the best things for their first baby.  Others do shop little by little each much in preparation for the coming of their little angel.  One of the most important thing that the baby should have is a blanket because they easily felt the cold especially at night.  And there are lots of baby blankets for new parents at store.  It is 100% cotton that fits to the sensitive skin of the newborn baby and very colorful.  Added to that, parents can also choose of a design to make it a personalized one.  Babies are special and so buying beautiful stuffs like blankets to little ones is fun.

Bonding with my sister

I was decided to go home since the doctor was not around when we arrived at the clinic.  The sister and I heading to the street where we can ride public vehicle when the sister suggested that we will be going to the mall instead.  It was a good idea since we seldom do the bonding because she is busy at work and taking care of her baby at home.  We will just roaming around the mall, window shopping and spend time together and of course with her one year old son.  The supposed to be unwinding at the mall turns out to be a little shopping. haha!  The sister bought some stuffs for her house and her son.  And me thinking of buying new bed sheet for my bed.  It was last year since the last time I bought bed sheet. Everybody should have the opportunity to have fun, and Article Writing Services can help bloggers find the time.

After doing the “shopping” (haha!), we get tired and hungry.  Time to eat I bet.  We went to our favorite fast food chain and treated my sister and my nephew.  It feels good to treat a person especially my sister who has done many things for me in the past and at present.  She has gave me a lot and shared to me many things.  It is time to give back the favor she has given to me.  I also bought a knee shorts for her.  My late Christmas present.  Last Saturday was one of the memorable bonding between my sister and I.

Living and Loving the Life

There are things in our life that we do because we wanted to do it and feels like doing it.  Living the life the way we wanted it is a challenge for us because we tend to go beyond our normal doing because we want to prove something for ourselves.  It is like challenging oneself in this fast moving world.  Isn’t it fun?  Yes, it is fun only if we living and loving it.  Stepping into a new world is a big changes that we want to take a risk.  Even if it is like hitting the impossible things, still we do it because we love to do it for a change.  But of course, the changes should be for the better.

Part of the changes that we have to take a risk is loving someone who is opposite to us.  No matter how much we tried to avoid it, still it coming back to us.  It is called destined I must say.  But we must realized that the focal point of our existence in this world is loving someone and being loved in return.  Difficult right?  Because we do not have any clue how a particular person will reciprocate to us.  However, if we learn to accept things and broaden our understanding we will know that living and loving the impossible things in life is a challenge that has the sweetest result ever.


Abrupt meeting up

Last Friday, a friend and I agreed to meet at the city to take some photos of the 75th Araw nd Dabaw celebrations.  It is the annual celebrations of the city’s foundation.  Everybody is so excited of the lots of shows that the city is preparing for the people to enjoy.  Sad to say, the early plan was not pushed through because I sleep very late that night.  We both decided to cancel the plan because the friend is also busy doing her online stuffs.  I felt sad because I really wanted to witness the event and the parade.  I did not able to see last’s year celebration that is why I so wanted to make it up this year.  But unfortunately did not able to see it.

I was doing my online stuffs so that my day would be fruitful when another friend messaged me and said if we could meet at the city.  It is not too late so I said yes to her invitations.  Though we did not able to see the parade because we went to the city on the afternoon, we still have fun because we saw the show that the city mayor is preparing for the people.  I am happy because I get to see some of my favorite local actors and actresses.  We stayed there for less than an hour for we cannot see it clearly anymore because people are keep coming.  The abrupt meeting up was  success and I thank Ada for accompanying me.  Till next year my friend. muah!