Archives for the day Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Losing weight is not easy

Losing weight is one of the issues that many individual who has extra fats on their body are facing right now and that includes me.  Fatty foods are hard to avoid sometimes that is why more fats are stored in the body.  Though we are aware that we should watch our diet and minimize eating fatty foods, still we are carried away once we taste those sumptuous dishes.  It is the matter of controlling it, but it is really hard sometimes.  This is why losing weight is not easy.

There are different diet pills we have seen on advertisement and in the  pharmacy that can be bought over the counter.  We can tried it anytime we want but we must remember that safety comes first.  If we were to think of buying it first we have to ask ourselves question like, are these diet pills safe?  It is not good to take risk when it comes to taking diet pills because there are many cases that concerns the bad side effects of taking it.  If it is effective to others, that does not mean it is good for us too.  So, consult professional because they know better than us.  Buying over the counter without enough knowledge is a big NO.

Why I find it hard to leave?

In the house I do almost all of the chores.  I do not have someone to help me in doing the household chores after the sister got married.  Though I am used to it, still I feel exhausted because the chores I have now makes me so tired.  I have loads of laundry to do Smiley, cleaning the house Smiley, taking care of the kids and the likes. Smiley  I have been thinking of moving out of the house for them to realize that I am tired of doing the same thing without them helping me.  But every time I try it, I felt guilty to leave them.  I find it hard to leave the house and be on my own for a while.  Thinking of how is it to leave the house and live alone, it makes me so sad.  These are the reason why I find it hard to leave.

I just keep to myself the burdens I felt.  I always pray that God will give me more strength and energy to do all the things that are  given to me.  However, I am thinking of telling the family what I feel for them to know that I am not okay anymore.  I just wait for the perfect time to tell them and let them know that I would appreciate if they could help me some time.