Why I find it hard to leave?

In the house I do almost all of the chores.  I do not have someone to help me in doing the household chores after the sister got married.  Though I am used to it, still I feel exhausted because the chores I have now makes me so tired.  I have loads of laundry to do Smiley, cleaning the house Smiley, taking care of the kids and the likes. Smiley  I have been thinking of moving out of the house for them to realize that I am tired of doing the same thing without them helping me.  But every time I try it, I felt guilty to leave them.  I find it hard to leave the house and be on my own for a while.  Thinking of how is it to leave the house and live alone, it makes me so sad.  These are the reason why I find it hard to leave.

I just keep to myself the burdens I felt.  I always pray that God will give me more strength and energy to do all the things that are  given to me.  However, I am thinking of telling the family what I feel for them to know that I am not okay anymore.  I just wait for the perfect time to tell them and let them know that I would appreciate if they could help me some time.


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