Back to old ways

Few months ago, the brother was confined in the hospital for five days due to severe pneumonia.  The disease he got because of abusing his body.  The brother smokes a lot, drinks a lot and sleep late almost every night.  The family did told him of what will going to happen if he continue doing it.  Sad to say he did not listen.  And this is the reason he was hospitalized for five days.  True enough, he had some regrets and what ifs.  But there is nothing he can do but to accept and take the medicines that the doctor told him to take to medicate him.  Before we check out from the hospital, he was also advised by the doctor to quit smoking as well as drinking.

Months have passed, the family is happy because the brother did quit smoking, drinking and also sleeps early.  He still continues his medication for his lungs and heart.  His last check up and X-ray result gives a positive results and we are happy to hear it especially the brother.  However, I guess habits are hard to break because seems like the brother is slowly back to old ways.  His ways of sleeping late and going to his friend’s house ( not a good friend by the way).  We are afraid that the brother will hook up to drinking and smoking again.  We haven’t caught him yet, I hope he will not because his health is at stake.


2 Responses to “Back to old ways”

  1. Pinx says:

    uh oh! i hope he won’t get back gen… lisod na.

  2. kagahi jud ug ulo noh? hahaist!