How would you show it?

We are all aware that the world is facing so many problems and issues.  There is war, economic crisis, the people, and the undying issue of world peace.  Yes, everyone is dreaming when we will achieved world peace.  Too difficult to achieved for now, but we are still praying for that day to come.  However, despite the fact that we are facing series of trials and difficulties in life, still we are able to survive.  Though there are individuals who opted to quit and does not want to go on with life.  We cannot change that because each individual has different dispositions in life.

I have seen different faces like sad, frown, happy, mad, confused and much more.    The faces that paints the world today.  Sad to know that most of those faces are not because it would lead to depression and giving up.  Sometimes we tend to ask God why.  But if we are to examine ourselves, we will learn that we are the one who is responsible of what kind of life we have.  Even though crisis are hitting us, we must remember that those are just trials in life.  Good or bad, we have to count our blessings.  Because no matter how bad life is, we are still blessed.

I always keep in my mind that life is a journey not a destination, and so I make it a wonderful one.  I show to the world the happy and smiling face always.  How about you?  How would you show yours?


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