The nephew is one year and three months now.  He is growing too fast now, very active, making a mess and more curious.  Arghs!  He makes me very nervous because he loves to climb on the chair and on the center table in the living room.  And his favorite spot is the chair.  I let him do what he wants because it is part of his growing up.   I just supervise him to make sure he is not hurt or fell on the floor.  I have been doing it every day and I am kinda  tired. haha

Today, I just let the nephew do his things while I am doing my stuffs online.  I thought he is more careful now because he fell many times already.  I am confident that the nephew will not fall from the chair.  But then, I was wrong.  Sad to say that the nephew fell from the chair today three times.  I felt guilty seeing the poor little nephew fell on the floor and crying.  I am blaming myself but seeing the nephew how he protects his head when he is about to fall amazed me.  At his young age, he knows how to protect himself to not be hurt.  Smart kiddo I must say and I am proud of him.  I hope that he will really learn his lessons today and will be more careful next time.


2 Responses to “Fell from the chair three times today”

  1. MommyGagay says:

    …ohhhh..your nephew should be feeling bad against you. ;(

  2. poor little boy, I hope he is okay now. Visiting you here.