The proud parents

Last week was the recognition day of the school where the nieces studied.  They finished with honors and some awards for being a good students.  I can tell that the brother and SIL are so proud of their two girls.  The girls were new to the school, but they are able to cope up and finished with honors and merits.  The photos below are the kids and their proud parents pinning the ribbons they got during the recognition day.


The girls are doing good at school even to the previous school they last attended.  We are worried when we decided to move them to other school due to financial reason.  At first they are a bit sad but later on they are enjoying the new school and environment.  The ribbons they got are proofs that the girls does good at school.  Because of the achievements they got and for making their parents proud, they were treated to their favorite fast food chain and spent time playing at the mall.  Well, the girls deserves it.

Another school year will open in two months time.  And I wish them both good luck.  Aim high next year girls.  Long way to go for these two girls.  I am so proud both of you.  Continue doing good at school.

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