Many are scared after hearing the rocket that will soon be launch by the North Korean this coming April 12-16, 2012.  It is not so good that is why the country is busy preparing for the things that people should do if ever some debris will fall in the country.  There are speculations that it will fall on the beach of some areas in the country that is why precautions are being announced to the public.  It is best to be ready at all times to avoid big damages.  Not only the country is preparing safety measure but also some other countries.

I have heard in the new about this rocket that will be launch by the North Korean.  And I do not understand why they have to do it.  People are wondering and asking why, but no answers.  All we have to do is to be ready and pray that we will be spare from possible danger.  I just hope that this won’t be the beginning of another problems that the country will be facing if ever it affects some areas of the country.  Many fishermen are worried when they heard that it might fall on the sea.  If ever it does fall on the sea, they are not allowed to go fishing in the particular areas to avoid incidents that will cause the life in danger.  Let us all pray that the country will be safe as well as the people.

One Response to “Affected by the upcoming rocket launch”

  1. Claire says:

    I can only say one thing- They are HEARTLESS! they don’t even value their own people and would just let them get starved! haist, makasurok jud!lol