Archives for the day Monday, April 16th, 2012

To work abroad

To work abroad is one of my dreams in life.  It is because I so wanted to help the family financially.  Let’s face it times nowadays are very hard that is why many individual wishes to work abroad.  They fight the homesick issue just to give their family back home a decent life.  A big sacrifice that many are willing to take for the sake of their family.  I have tried many times to apply for a job abroad.  The job that I applied for is a caregiver.  The thing that I can do much better because I have experienced in doing babies and elders.  However to have this kind of job is not easy, I have to finish a caregiver class because it is one of the requirements.  I am willing to do it just to be able to work abroad.  I went to the school where they teach caregiver course one day.  That was the first time I saw Marcus nursing scrubs wore by one of the instructors.  I am amaze because the style of their uniforms is far different from the old styles.  I can say they Marcus brands are more comfortable and colorful.  It is more comfortable to wear.

Unsinkable Thing

Titanic! Yes, it was thought to be unsinkable then but it did sunk.   It now peacefully lies in the heart of the Atlantic ocean along with the people who sunk together with the ship. I still felt pity for those passengers who died in the ship just the way I felt when I first watched the movie in 1997. Now as they commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the day the ship sunk, it made me think of the movie I watched before. I was younger then, how fast time is. It felt like I watched it just yesterday but come to think of it, 15 years had past. Now  I am older but the movie is still vividly itched in my mind, i can almost see it when  i close my eyes. Today in commemoration of the said event, they will show again the movie but in 3D this time. I might watched it just to satisfy my curiosity because i have never tried a 3D movie yet and what better way to have my first time than to watch my all time favorite movie of all….Titanic. I want to see Jack and Rose, the captain, and that poor family who died hugging together, it made me cry once again.

Age will not be the issue

As men grows older, they stamina, strength and energy decreases.  This is so true base on the clinical studies.  They are having a hard time in shaping their body because of the age.  Because of this study, some professionals finds a way that a man can still be active even if they are a bit old.  The answer to this problem is answered by taking testosterone booster.  Age will never be an issue anymore because this supplement will makes your energy, stamina and strength be back to normal.  However, it is not good to just take any supplements that you found over the counter nor as advised by a friend.  It is best if you read reviews for you to know if it is safe for you to use it and also to avoid any side effects in the latter part.  To help you out in deciding try to read high t review. It is very much informative.  This review will for sure helps you understand more of the products.  You can also read the reviews that the consumers is commenting after using the products.