Unsinkable Thing

Titanic! Yes, it was thought to be unsinkable then but it did sunk.   It now peacefully lies in the heart of the Atlantic ocean along with the people who sunk together with the ship. I still felt pity for those passengers who died in the ship just the way I felt when I first watched the movie in 1997. Now as they commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the day the ship sunk, it made me think of the movie I watched before. I was younger then, how fast time is. It felt like I watched it just yesterday but come to think of it, 15 years had past. Now  I am older but the movie is still vividly itched in my mind, i can almost see it when  i close my eyes. Today in commemoration of the said event, they will show again the movie but in 3D this time. I might watched it just to satisfy my curiosity because i have never tried a 3D movie yet and what better way to have my first time than to watch my all time favorite movie of all….Titanic. I want to see Jack and Rose, the captain, and that poor family who died hugging together, it made me cry once again.

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