Our little drummer boy

My two years old nephew loves to hit the chair every time he is holding sticks or ruler.  We call him the family’s little drummer boy. haha!  I bet the nephew will be a music lover.  Well, back when the SIL is still pregnant with him, she used to listen to classical music of Beethoven, Mozart and Jon Bon Jovi as requested by his father who is my brother.  This is where the nephew get the passion of a music lover.  The nephew also loves to touch the string of his father’s guitar.  It is so cute to watch him hitting the chair as if he is in the band.  He is a little drummer boy.  If the nephew will continue doing this and if I can see that he is really into it, I would like to buy  him Spaun Drums for him to really widen his loves for music.  This time he will be hitting the real drums.  Schools do have drum and bugle group,  so I will for sure enroll the nephew there for him to know well about drums and a drummer.  With the looks and style of these drums, I am pretty sure the nephew will love it.

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