Construction of our dirty kitchen

After months of persuading and explanation, finally the father agreed to construct a dirty kitchen at the back of our house.  It took us lots of patients before hearing the ‘yes’ answer from my father.  Last Sunday, the father and brother bought the materials that the handyman told us to buy to be used in the construction of our dirty kitchen.  I am so excited because at last I will be cooking in the dirty kitchen.  It is my dream to have our own dirty kitchen so that I can arrange better the kitchen area.  Rearranging the look of the house is I like to do.  Soon I will be transferring some kitchen wares in our dirty kitchen.  I can see new position of our fridge, dining table and many others.   Another scold from my father I bet, and I don’t care. haha!

Today is the second day of the constructions.  Few more days, the dirty kitchen will soon be realized.  The queen of the kitchen ( yours truly) is very much excited of my new area.  Thanks to my father for listening and financing the constructions.

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