New bed for the girls

As of the moment, I do share my room and bed to my two nieces.  It is used to be with my sister, but since she is moved out of the house because she got married, I asked the girls to sleep with me.  I am not used to sleep alone.  Oh well, I am scared to sleep alone.  What?  I am just like that.  I can’t sleep alone especially if I am watching horror movies.  I find it hard to forget the look of the ghost, vampires, and other scary things.  That is why I asked the girls to sleep with me, besides my bed is too big for me.

Just recently, I noticed that the girls are getting big.  The three of us in one room is so crowded. arghs!  I have talk to my sister about it and she suggested that the girls should have their own bed.  And I think the sister is right.  I am thinking of getting a double-deck metal bunk bed frame for the girls.  Perfect style and bed for them.  Hopefully I get to find a space in the house where to put the bed for the kids.  I already told my father of adding another room in the house.  Haven’t heard his answer yet.  I wish soon.

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