Forgot to control his temper

I remember perfectly the line from the speaker when I attended a seminar few years back that, ‘If you are angry, always remember to inhale and exhale to make you feel relax and calm’.   I have been applying it every time I am angry and mad.  It is indeed effective to use.  Tried and tested by me.  When we are angry it is best if we could go somewhere, smell some air, inhale and exhale.  It that way, the anger that we felt will go away.  You will feel more relax and calm.  Things that we needed to have to avoid uttering words and doing things that we might regret afterwards.

Anyways, I am saying this because I saw someone at the mall when I went there the other day.  The guy-really losses his temper and did not able to control it.  I don’t know the reason though, but whatever it is I guess it would be best if he is calm and relax.  Whether he is satisfied or not, he should calm down.  Besides the people who are working will find it hard to understand you if your temper is exploding.  When your anger it would be difficult for us to understand and listen to explanation.  Seeing the guy scolding, hitting the table, swinging his arms and pointing the guy in the front desk is really not a good view, right.  It would be a shamed on his  part.  Well, when we are angry we do such things.  I don’t blame him though.  But if he knows the inhale and exhale way, the scene he created will be avoided.  Issues that are handling in an anger and mad mood will going nowhere, right?

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