My love for basketball game

When it comes to sports, basketball is my game.  I am an avid fan of basketball games ever since I was a kid.  My first idol was my father.  Oh yeah, he used to play basketball when I was little.  Even though he is not the star player, to me he is.  Seeing my father and later on my brothers playing basketball makes me an avid fan of this sport up to now.  I watched local, national and international basketball games.  I do love other sports too but basketball is my favorite.  Believe it or not, my love for this sports made me decide to join the basketball when I was in high school.  Even if I do not know how to play basketball, I still joined the team to complete my dreams. haha!

Joining the basketball team in our school was one of the memorable days of my high school life.  I gained more friends and able to see basketball games in different schools.  My school competes to different school.  Since I do not know how to play, I contented to just cheer the team.  It was really fun especially when our team wins.  I always remember those times every time I watch basketball games.  Brings back the memory when I joined the team and becomes a   This is what I did because I love basketball game/s.  Wonderful experienced that I will always cherish forever.

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