His passion for eating

My father is the person who will not say no to every foods that are on the table.  He is not so picky I must say.  To him, as long as it is easy to chew and easy to digest, it is fine with him.  I do not have some hard time of that to cook for him every meal time because my father is not choosy.  He will eat what is on the table.  This is how easy to please my father is when it comes to foods.  On this fathers day 2012, I am thinking of cooking a dish that is not so familiar with him.  A dish that is different from the usual dish that I cooked for him.  I want to let him know that he is important to me that is why I am going to cook dish that would surely waters his mouth.  His passion for eating will be strong the moment he will get to taste the dish that I am going to prepare on father’s day.

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