Getting a rent-a-car

One week from now the family will be going to our first ever getaway.  I say first ever because this is the vacation that is well planned and ready things very well.  We wanted to make this family getaway a very memorable one that is why we planned it well.  We do the listings of where to go, the things to bring, and especially the vehicle that we are going to rent to bring us to the place we wanted to go.  Getting a rent-a-car is the best thing to do since we do not have our own car.  I have contacted someone already to get a rent-a-car for us.  Good thing I have a friend in the place where we want to go.  She do me a favor of getting a rent-a-car for us.  Everything is set now, we just have to wait for the getaway date.  But before that, I have to talk to the driver of the car first to check if the car does have vehicle tracking devices. This is to make sure we are on the right track.  This is so important to bring while on the travel because sometimes, we do some changes like going to another place aside from what we have planned to visit.

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