Not so hospitable

As much as I wanted not to post negative thoughts here because I do not want my readers, visitors and viewers to feel bad, I just can’t get over of about the experience we had when we have our family vacation a week ago. The whole family was having our summer vacation at the province of my grannies where the parents grew up. It has been years since the last time we visited the place. Nothing is change except that the grandmother died 10 years ago. The old house was taken care of my father SIL. In a way, they own the house now but still it is everybody property since it is an old house. In other words, we can stay there since it is my grannies property. And also, the aunt was informed that we will be having our vacation and will be staying at the old house.

What happens was when we arrived; we did not really feel like we are welcome. The aunt greets us with a smile when we arrived though. However as the day’s passes, she is no longer happy. We do not understand why she is like that. We are not that insensitive. We really feel that she is a bit pissed of our presence there. I do not want to create issues here, but I am just stating what we feel and what we have experienced. Although we are visitors, we did not act as one. We cooked foods for us to eat, wash the dishes, our clothes and some chores. Still we feel that we are not really welcome there. Even our friend/visitors did feel the aunt’s actuation towards our presence. The aunt is not so hospitable at all. Treating us like we are not member of the family is not good, right? We thought we are welcome but we are not really. I am not judging here but I do believe that “actions speak louder than words”. And this is what we feel, noticed and experience.

Anyways, we did have our memorable family summer vacation there, despite the not so hospitable treatment. I still thank the aunt for her patience and some smile.

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