Feeding the chicken

PhotobucketLife in the province is very simple.  They started the day feeding the animals like chicken, pig, dogs, goat, cao, carabao and many others.  They also watering their plants.  After that have their breakfast and then getting themselves ready to go to the farm.  This is the kind of life that the people in the province do.  It is their daily routine.  If you are to look at it, it is kinda boring especially if you used to live in the  city.  I have experienced this life back when I was ten years old when the father decided to leave us in the province while he is working in the far away city.  It is very tiring but in the long run we get to appreciate the kind of lifestyle they have.

It has been a long time since the last time we visited the province of my parents.  Fortunately,we did have our summer vacation at the province for a week.  I get to see once again the simple life the people lives there has.  One afternoon when my aunt is feeding the chicken, my niece Ella is eager to do it.  She asked my aunt if she could help.  I think she is curious of how to do it.  See the photo of Ella feeding the chicken one afternoon at the province.

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