Starts to wake up early

The wake up late is over for the kids because the classes just start this Monday.  And this is only means one thing for them, its waking up early once again.  The kids do get so lazy waking up so early in the morning but they should have to wake up early.  This is what I saw from my two nieces.  It takes minutes for their mother to wake them because they are so tired to wake up. haha!  Seems like waking up late for the past two months is not enough for them.  Though they are very much excited to go to school, they sleepy head over powering it.  But whether they like it or not they have to get up and get ready for school.

First day of school of the nieces was good I guess because they arrived home smiling.  Sharing to me what happened on their first day at school.  They are happy telling me about their classmates, new and old friends.  Having heard their story, I guess they would like to wake up early now.  And go to school smiling.  Good luck girls and I wish you do well at school.

One Response to “Starts to wake up early”

  1. Yay this post made me remmber when I was still studying, I hate waking up in the morning so the next enrollment I decided to go to afternoon class so I can sleep the whole morning haha…